Majnoni Baldovinetti


Residential cinema workshop with directors Ella Pugliese and Davide Campagna

CINEMARTI 2023 – Cinema workshop

Have you ever dreamed of immersing yourself in the world of cinema and experiencing its most varied aspects? Direction, screenplay, interpretation, costumes, sound, post-production – here is the right opportunity for you.

Have we intrigued you? Here are the pages of the 2022 editions of Cinemarti for children and teenagers (9-15) and of Cinemarti for young people and adults.

Not just acting! The workshop will take place in the historic residence Majnoni Baldovinetti in Marti (Pisa). The entire villa will be transformed into a film set where participants will pick up microphones and cameras to create, stage, act and film their self-produced film.

In fact, the workshop is not aimed only at actors, but at all those who are interested in experiencing the cinematographic environment in all its aspects.

Depending on the group that will be formed, we will shape our troupe: screenwriter, assistant director, camera and sound operator, are just some of the possible roles to choose according to interest and aptitude. The directors Davide Campagna and Ella Pugliese and the educator Maria Pace Majnoni will follow the participants in every phase of creation.

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