Majnoni Baldovinetti

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The historic residence and its park

Villa Majnoni Baldovinetti is located among the Tuscan hills, in the province of Pisa. From the family archive we learn that the Baldovinettis, noble and wealthy Florentine aristocrats, purchased the property in Marti in 1418 and since then the family has kept it today. The Baldovinetti family transformed the villa, the vast lands and the farmhouses located on them into a thriving farm that produced oil, wine and various types of cereals.
The villa underwent notable architectural changes over the centuries which contributed to embellishing and ennobling it more than its initial appearance. Even the current owners, direct descendants of the family, have expertly guided the latest restorations which began in 2010, respecting the culture and essence of the past. All the works that have been carried out from 2010 onwards have been conceived and designed by the family itself, according to their own taste and creativity.
Entering the register of historic Italian homes in the first half of the 20th century, the villa is furnished entirely with furniture and paintings in style and in the family for generations. Furthermore, many art objects and a collection of ancient ceramics are on display and complement its decor. The current Majnoni Baldovinetti family continues to live inside the residence, perpetuating the history and hospitality of this enchanting place, surrounded by an Italian garden designed and built in the second part of the 1700s.

Stay in the villa

In our rooms, classic elegance combines with contemporary comfort; staying in a villa becomes a journey that allows you to appreciate the beauty of a bygone era, immersing yourself in a unique and special atmosphere.
Our 6 rooms, capable of hosting from 1 to four people, have been designed to give you a warm and enveloping environment. Each room is equipped with a private bathroom and Wi-Fi, and some boast a wood-burning tiled stove with large windows, where it is possible to see the flame of the fire. The villa is completed with smaller halls and lounges and a library of 14,000 volumes.

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Sleeping in the "Magazzini" Loft

The former warehouses were a space used for the practice of agriculture, in which, until the mid-1900s, the vin santo grapes were hung out to dry.
Located just 70 m from the villa and surrounded by its park, it has recently been transformed into an elegant loft home, with a particular and evocative design, given its open space nature. Its furnishings combine and integrate the classic style with a contemporary taste; very comfortable, in its 150 m2 of space, it can accommodate up to 8 people.

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The Workspace

Our multifunctional room was born in 2010 from the renovation of the ground floor of the former warehouses, once used for spreading grapes and olives. 150 m2 large with bamboo parquet, it offers a versatile environment, perfect for various activities. Equipped with windows on each side and a large terrace, it provides an airy atmosphere. Served by a bathroom with shower and a soft area on which to do yoga or relax on the floor. Heated with a fan coil, it also has a majolica wood-burning stove with an exposed flame, which helps to create a welcoming atmosphere. Classical piano, projector, Wi-Fi and stereo system are available if requested.

The kitchen and dining rooms "Le Volte"

Le Volte', our gastronomic structure, combines historical elegance with modernity in the kitchen. Equipped with professional equipment and an authentic wood-fired oven, 'Le Volte' has two rooms of approximately 40m2 and 60m2, capable of hosting up to 50 people.
The name 'Le Volte' derives from the historic vaults from the 1700s which define its character. This architecture creates a unique and fascinating atmosphere.

The Park and its spaces

Our park extends over 2000m2, a green space enriched by the classic Italian garden and a swimming pool area. Here, guests can enjoy moments of tranquility, whether relaxing in the sun or exploring the secluded corners, perfect for reading or contemplating nature. The park offers various spaces where you can stop and appreciate the surrounding environment, a perfect balance between natural beauty and harmony.

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Location Services

Below are listed the main services offered by the location.
For any additional needs, we are at your complete disposal.

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Through the years, we have hosted a wide variety of workshops, adapting to every creative and professional need.

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Ideal for large groups, our location offers a perfect place for learning and training.

Summer camps

Every summer, our location hosts 5-6 diverse summer camps, enriching each season with new experiences.


With large and versatile spaces, we are equipped to manage large-scale events, guaranteeing an impeccable experience.

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